Rava Upma- Spiced Semolina


Rava or semolina, tempered in ghee using mustard seeds, asofetida and curry leaves results in a filing and delicious “Upma”. Upma is a very popular snack recipe which essentially uses a combination of a grain, oil, vegetables and spices.

Product Description

Wheat is a sweet and heavy food and is therefore excellent for Vatas. This recipe used creamed wheat that has been roasted and therefore it undergoes change and refinement.

“Agni Samskara” The process of refinement using fire through roasting helps to reduce this heaviness and make the ultimate dish light and easy on the digestion for Kaphas.
Upmas can be made from semolina, quinoa, barley, millets and just about any other grain.
They form a great breakfast food or even an accompaniment to a meal.


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