Fall Seasonal Detox & Cleanse Meal – Khichadi, Curry, Carrots & Green Beans


This fall meal uses the delicious and wholesome khichadi as it’s focal point.
The combination “Khichadi Kadhi” is very popular in my home state of Maharashtra, India both at home and in restaurants.

Khichadi -A seasoned mix of basmati rice which are inherently sweet, gentle, light and wholesome + yellow lentils or तूर tur daal.
Kadhi or Yogurt Curry – The hearty and nutty flavored daal in the khichadi, is balanced perfectly by a slightly sour spiced yogurt curry.
The addition of turmeric, cumin, neem leaves & seasoning bring the meal together with bitter and salty tastes.
Carrots and Beans – A much loved combination of vegetables that is sweet, spicy, slightly astringent helps to add a crunch to this favorite combination.

We promise to have you licking your fingers and the bowl clean!


Product Description

Fall is windy, dry, light & cool and is Vata season. As we move gradually move from summer to fall, dietarily, this is a wonderful time for purification so we can get ready for the coming winter.
This is a time when Vata ailments like aches and pains of the joints and muscles are experienced & emotionally, we may become fearful and lonely.
The best foods to be eaten now are warm, moist and well lubricated, with a slight emphasis on sweet, salty and sour foods.

Please note: Only dry beans/ legumes, which are soaked overnight and rinsed throughly to remove any gas producing qualities are used, making them easy to digest.
Ayurveda says that our lunch and dinner should be planned in such a way that all 6 tastes are incorporated. We are very vigilant to ensure that all our meals achieve the same balance.

Please take a look at the desserts and Ayurveda inspired cookies as they are the ideal mix of wholesome yet healthy sweets which help us stay grounded through this Vata season.


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