The Fall Detox Khichadi – Recommended for a 3, 5 or 7 Day Cleanse


This is the most basic and straightforward khichadi. Simple, light and flavorful, it is ideal when used in a purification or detox fast.
The ingredients: Basmati rice, green split moong and Vata reducing spices, cooked in Ghee.

This khichadi can be eaten by all doshas but it is specially good for Vatas and during Vata season.

If required, this can also be prepared vegan using coconut oil.
One serving is more than sufficient for two small eaters or one person with a hearty appetite.

Please email me BEFORE you add this to your cart so we can schedule a date and time for your cleanse.
Currently available in the NY tri-state area only.

Product Description

The Khichadi Cleanse/ Detox

vataThis basic Vata pacifying khichadi is a seasoned mix of basmati rice, split green moong [with the husk] and vata reducing spices such as mustard seeds and hing [asofetida]. 

For a 3, 5 or 7 day cleanse we recommend eating this khichadi exclusively.
The reasons it works so wonderfully for a detox or cleanse are as follows:
- Eating a mono diet helps the digestive system slow down and helps us regain digestive balance.
- It is easy to digest and therefore can be enjoyed by everyone across ages and health.
- It is a complete protein as it provides all the essential amino acids as required by our bodies.
- Since it is a complete food, the khichadi strengthens, vitalizes & nourishes and there is no feeling of deprivation.
- The high protein content keeps blood sugar stable, which means the body undergoes no stress like it does with other deprivation focused detoxes. This encourages the body to burn fat.
- It is the perfect way to recover after a major illness, surgery or just to get our system back to neutral.

Try a 3, 5 or 7 day Khichadi Cleanse.
Please email me BEFORE you add this to your cart so we can schedule a date and time for your cleanse. 
3 meals a day are are delivered to your doorstep, every day for the course of the cleanse. 
The price of the cleanse will be determined by the duration chosen. 



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