The mighty & humble khichadi is a seasoned mix of rice & lentils and sits squarely at the core of Ayurvedic nutritional healing. So easy to digest and power packed with nutrition, it is an excellent anytime food absolutely anyone. Especially recommended for children, the aged, the infirm & for a detox/ cleanse.
As a cook, it is one of my favorite foods to make because its preparation is open to diverse interpretation, but the end result is always delicious.
The core ingredients:
For Lubrication: Ghee is the most prefered choice but for vegans coconut oil.
Warmed with: A blend of spices depending on the season
Grain: Basmati rice – gentle, light & wholesome. It is tridoshic (suits almost everyone) and easy to digest.
Legumes and vegetables can be varied for specific healing purposes.

As most of the best things in life are – it’s simple food to prepare but every bite guarantees deep satisfaction and nourishment.
It is my true love when I think of Indian food. I hope you come to love it just as much.